Promo Giftbag X-Mas 2022 - Silver Savior

Promo Giftbag X-Mas 2022 - Silver Savior

1x Silver Savior Shampoo 300ml
1x Silver Savior Conditioner 250ml
1x Silver Savior Foam 200ml
1x Cosmetic Bag

Care Silver Savior shampooing et l’après-shampooing
Ils contiennent des pigments violets éliminant les tons chauds indésirables. La provitamine B5 et sa formule douce purifie, soigne et neutralise. Appliquez le shampooing sur cheveux humides, faites mousser, rincez. Appliquez l’après shampooing sur cheveux lavés, laissez agir pendant 1-3 minutes, rincez abondamment.

Silver Savior Foam is a leave-in conditioning mousse. Like the shampoo and conditioner, Silver Savior Foam contains brass-busting violet pigments to neutralize unwanted warm tones and nourishing Provitamin B5 to keep hair looking and feeling silky soft. The mousse also features our Bond Fuser technology.

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