Custom hair care that starts with you

Keune You

81% of women have multiple hair problems.
Only 26% of women can find a universal hair care product that meets their needs.
That's where Keune You comes in.
Products that your hairdresser can tailor to each
hair problem.

Get to know Keune You

Get to know Keune You - customized hair care. Keune You offers products that provide a personalized relationship with your hairdresser. A tailor-made hair care solution for each client, for both in the salon and at home. After a personal hair diagnosis by your hairdresser, the ten different hair elixirs offer a whole range of possible care and color maintenance solutions.

With more than 100 combinations, you get exactly the solution you need. Your hairdresser can start the treatment right away in the salon or mix and match the product so you can use it at home.

For all hair solutions.


We have six conditioning elixirs and four color-preserving elixirs. Each of the conditioning elixirs has unique technology for volume, softness, shine, nourishment, curl and color.

Color-preserving elixirs contain highly concentrated pigments to keep cool blonde, red, copper and brown hair beautiful. The elixirs can also be combined with Keune treatments, including Bond Fusion, Miracle Elixir and the conditioning masks.



„Keune You offers high-quality hair care and excellent color retention made to measure, and strengthens the relationship between hairdresser and customer. A unique combination."“

Mirjam Homma - Global Keune Educator

Basic products + elixirs

How to use it?

Step 1: Consultation in the salon

Your hair will be diagnosed during a personal consultation. Your hairdresser will choose 2 different elixirs for you. Care Elixir + 1 color preserving elixir or 2 (different) Care Elixirs.

Step 2: Use at home

You will receive a base shampoo and/or conditioner with 2 different elixirs (20 ml elixir in total).

Step 3: Shake

Shake the bottle until the elixirs are mixed with the base product.

Step 4: Customization

They are packaged in a beautiful, luxurious and personalized show box. Your hairdresser will mark the elixirs used and note your name and the date he/she mixed the product.

Step 5: Finish

Then he/she will seal the box with a "Keune You" sticker and Tadaaaaa! Your customized hair care solution is ready.

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