Keune Cares

For humanity.
For the planet.
For the generations to come.

As a family business, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the planet and its people. Not just for us, but especially for future generations. Learn how we drive positive change and sustainable growth in our business every day.

We are powered by the sun

Our production facility is powered entirely by solar energy. In 2022, the entire company in Soest, Netherlands, will also be completely carbon neutral.

We treat everyone like a family member

Everyone deserves equal opportunities in life - and everyone is welcome in our workplace. Since 1995, people with disabilities have been a part of the KEUNE team and work with us every day.

We rethink, recycle and reduce plastic

In 2017, we started working with recyclable plastic. Our goal is to use 50% more recyclable and bio-based plastic by 2025 and produce more reusable and refillable packaging. In addition, we reduce the amount of our plastic packaging by more than 2000 kg per year - simply by using thinner wrapping film!

We actively save water

Although we are growing as a company, we have been able to reduce our water consumption by 37%. In addition, for the benefit of the environment, we have reduced drinking water consumption by 56% thanks to a new purification system.

We love trees and forests

To promote sustainable forestry, the cardboard and paper packaging is 100% FSC or PEFC certified.

We never test our products on animals

We love animals, which is why we never test ingredients or end products on our furry friends. And we refuse to sell KEUNE products in countries that require animal testing.

We train people in need

Everyone deserves a good education. In the Brazilian slums, people are trained as hairdressers through the support of the Mangueira project. We sponsor KEUNE products for the trainees and help them find a job afterwards.

We fight waste

Trash is a waste of good resources. From 2016 to 2019, we reduced residual waste by 28%. Residual waste is material that is neither recyclable nor reusable.

We guarantee fair working conditions

All KEUNE products are manufactured in Soest, Netherlands. This allows us to keep an eye on the process and assures us that our colleagues can work in good conditions and receive fair compensation.

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