Discover the variety of our KEUNE hair products

Dive into the world of KEUNE hair products and discover a variety of product brands that are perfectly suited to all situations and needs of your hair. Because only with the right products and the right care will your hair stay healthy and smooth. Especially for long hair, a coordinated care series is essential and a must in every hair salon or bathroom. We at KEUNE have been developing care product lines for your hair since 1922 and have made it our mission to create the best products to make KEUNE hair products an experience for our customers. Discover our brands for your individual beauty now!

Our CARE and SO PURE hair products

The KEUNE hair products of the CARE brand captivate with their simple but elegant white bottle. They are used in hair care, cleansing and also coloring. Many hair products are available for purchase in different sizes and can thus be optimally adapted to individual use. The product range consists mainly of hair shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. But also fine lotions and high-yield sprays find their place here. Click through and find the right hair products for hair care.

The hair products of the SO PURE product line are characterized by their striking green appearance. At the same time, the green color of the hair products was not chosen by chance. The color green symbolizes nature and naturalness. This is exactly what the ingredients of our SO PURE product line represent. All these hair products are free of parabens and silicone, vegan, sulfate-free, gluten-free and free of any animal testing. In addition, we at KEUNE have made sure to use many ingredients in organic quality. The SO PURE range finds application in hair care, cleansing and styling products. If you are looking for natural hair care, then this range of hair products is just right for you!

Hair products especially for men, STYLE and BOND FUSION

 With the product line ,,1922'' KEUNE has launched care products that are specially designed for male hair. All products in the brand ,,1922'' catch the eye with their bright blue packaging. Designed for men, the range consists of products for beard care, hair care, cleansing and styling.

The STYLE product category stands out with its classy gray container and offers all hair products related to styling. Whether hair wax, gel, spray, clay or powder. KEUNE offers you an almost limitless selection of quality styling products.

BOND FUSION is a three-part product range that is used after coloring. The hair products BOND FUSION 1 and 2 are applied on the spot in the hairdressing salon by the professional. BOND FUSION 3 is designed for post-treatment at home.


In the category ELEKTRO you will find electronic accessories for the hairdressing salon or for home usage. We offer you a selection of high quality clippers, blow dryers, hair clippers and straighteners or hair stylers.

Our MARKETING line offers you accessories for hairdressing. Here you will find numerous dispensers, brushes and spray bottles. 

Still questions about KEUNE hair products?

Do you have further questions or would you like to get an idea of our first-class hair products for hairdressing? Do not hesitate and contact us without any obligation. We look forward to meeting you - your KEUNE Haircosmetics team.